Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Take that, Tom Cruise!

At lunchtime today, a lady stopped me on the street to hand me a flyer.
"Would you like a personality test?"
Sheesh. I knew what this was all about. She's a frickin' Scientologist. So I cheerily replied:
"I don't think my psychiatrist would think that's a good idea."
In response, she snarked, "I bet he wouldn't!" (Oh snap! The flock must give all of the good lines to Tom.)
As an aside, her sexism appalled me. It's 2008; I'm a woman and the crazy Thetan's a woman. Why on earth would she assume that my psychiatrist is a man? In all fairness, my psychiatrist *is* a man. But still, that's a pretty big assumption! ;-)

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Jen Koretsky said...

What a GREAT comeback! :)