Sunday, March 9, 2008

A victory of Olympic-sized proportions!

As Day One of Daylight Savings Time draws to a close, I have achieved the unthinkable. All timepieces in my home accurately reflect the correct time! Here's the play by play, in the order of victory:

Cable box: automatically at 2:00AM
Bedroom clock: when I went to bed (yes, after 2:00AM!)
Stove clock: late in the morning after washing dishes
Sports watch: before switching to my dress watch
Dress watch: halfway through the afternoon
Bathroom wall clock: at around 10:30PM

And I didn't need to change the clock on the answering machine because I never changed the time last fall!

Normally, this process takes me days, or sometimes more than a week. Check out the video to see how fantastic I feel about this!

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